Navalia Sloep 800 Electric

Looking for an electric aluminum sloep? The Navalia Sloep 800 Electric is a classic-designed aluminum sloep that can accommodate 12 people. With an electric aluminum sloep, you can experience maximum boating pleasure with minimal maintenance.

Electric aluminum sloep: Minimal maintenance

When it comes to boating, you want to spend more time on the water and less time on maintenance. The Navalia Sloep 800 Electric is made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring low maintenance. The sloep is resistant to rust and does not require painting. Additionally, all our aluminum sloeps are self-draining, eliminating the need for bailing.

Customize your electric aluminum sloep to your preferences

At Navalia, you have the opportunity to fully customize your electric aluminum sloep according to your preferences. You can choose to have the boat painted in your favorite color and upgrade the cushions and flooring to a more luxurious variant. The electric aluminum sloep can also be enhanced with convenient accessories. Add a cooler drawer to keep your drinks cold at all times. If you’re a champagne enthusiast, a champagne rack with glasses would be the perfect accessory for your sloep!

Curious about other options you can add to the Navalia Sloep 800 Electric? Download the option list provided. If you’re looking to have an enclosed space for overnight stays on your sloep, check out the Navalia Cabine Sloep 800 Electric.

Electric boating with the Navalia Sloep 800 Electric

In a few years, there will be restrictions on using combustion engines in certain areas. By opting for an electric aluminum sloep, you are investing in the future. Apart from being environmentally friendly, electric boating offers additional benefits. The electric motor operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful experience on the water. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with the smell of diesel or gasoline anymore.

Choosing an electric sloep doesn’t mean compromising on boating pleasure. The Navalia Sloep 800 Electric comes standard with a 7.5 Kw electric motor. With this motor, you can enjoy 8 to 12 hours of boating when opting for the maximum upgrade. You can recharge the battery fully overnight, ensuring you’re ready to go the next day.

Navalia boats from Genemuiden offers a range of (electric) aluminum sloeps and tenders that provide years of boating pleasure. With a boat from Navalia, you can enjoy maximum fun with minimal maintenance. If you’re looking for a larger model than the Navalia Sloep 800 Electric, consider the Navalia Sloep 860 Electric.

Standard equipment
  • Navalia 800 sloep
  • 7.5 kw electric motor 20 hp
  • Lithium Epropulsion li175 48 volt 9 KW
  • Installation kit
  • Steering system / steering wheel
  • 12 volt connection
  • Usb connection
  • Navigation lights and masthead light
  • Rubber fender strip 125 mm
  • Self-draining cockpit floor, flag with pole, stainless steel locks, 6 cleats.
  • Two fenders, four mooring lines, CE certification, swim ladder, towing eye, hinges.
  • Vertical clearance:
  • Vertical clearance:
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