Navalia Sloop 800

Would you like maximum boating pleasure for many people with minimal maintenance? Navalia Boats from Genemuiden has many aluminum sloops for sale that will provide you with years of boating enjoyment. Thanks to high-quality aluminum, rusting and painting are a thing of the past. The Navalia Sloop 800 is a spacious 8-meter-long sloop that offers seating for 12 people. Additionally, the Navalia Sloop 800 is also available as a cabin sloop, providing space for 2 people to overnight in an enclosed area.

The Navalia Sloop 800 is an aluminum sloop from Navalia Boats in Genemuiden and is built here as well. The sloop is powered by a powerful inboard diesel engine, but there are also options for an electric sloop or a hybrid engine sloop. Our standard equipment for the Sloop 800 includes a 12-volt connection and a USB connection. Furthermore, we protect every sloop with a 125mm rubber bumper and provide a basic cushion set. We want you to have as much fun as possible with as little work, which is why every Navalia sloop is self-draining and equipped with a swim ladder.

Advantages of an Aluminum Sloop

An aluminum sloop has many advantages: it is low-maintenance, relatively inexpensive, self-draining, and double-walled.


Durability is highly important to us. That’s why we choose aluminum as the material for our boats. These aluminum boats are practically indestructible and very lightweight. The weight of a boat has a significant impact on fuel consumption. The lighter, the more fuel-efficient. Additionally, the hull design of the sloop is optimized for better water cutting and speed. This also makes the sloop more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, as it experiences less resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The aluminum Navalia Sloop 800 requires minimal maintenance and retains its value. The greatest advantage of this material is that the boats are almost entirely recyclable! Together, we are contributing to a greener planet.

Interested in buying an electric sloop?

At Navalia Boats, we also offer the option of electric boating for most models. Feel free to request a quote now.

Standard equipment
  • Navalia 800 sloop
  • 20 hp Yanmar 3YM20 / KM2P 2.21:1 ca 12 kmh
  • Installation kit
  • Aluminum fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Steering system / steering wheel
  • 12 volt connection
  • Usb connection
  • Insulation in engine compartment
  • Power battery: 108 Ah/12V
  • Navigation lights and anchor light
  • Rubber fender strip 125 mm
  • two fenders, four mooring lines, CE certification, swim ladder, towing eye, hinges.
  • Vertical clearance:
  • Vertical clearance:
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