Navalia Tender 750 hybrid

With our Navalia hybrid model, we can offer a combination of electric and fuel-powered sources. With our hybrid and electric propulsion engines, water sports enthusiasts can benefit from clean, powerful, and quiet electric power combined with fuel as an additional auxiliary power source when needed. When operating with your fuel engine, the electric motor functions as a generator to charge the battery pack.

Why Hybrid?

Hybrid boating is a combination of two types of propulsion systems, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of electric power while also having the option to quickly switch to your combustion engine when needed, such as during adverse weather conditions.

Silent Sailing

Electric boating is quiet, and the absence of vibrations from a combustion engine makes it wonderfully comfortable. If you’ve already experienced electric boating, you’ve undoubtedly been amazed by the silence it offers. However, when you sail with a Navalia motor, the enjoyment is tripled.

Cost Savings

Electric boating helps you save on various costs while also being environmentally friendly. There are no high fuel costs, no high maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan.


The Navalia Hybrid motor is a brushless motor, making it maintenance-free. Additionally, we only use high-quality components, making the product virtually maintenance-free.

Batteries Charging Time: 5 hours (with a 40A charger) Capacity: 8960 Wh / 175 Ah Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V Cutoff Voltage: 41.6 V Final Charge Voltage: 57.6 V Continuous Discharge Current: 150A (max) Series Connection: Parallel Connection: Up to 16 Cell Configuration: 16S1P

Fast Boating

Experience a unique moment on the sporty Navalia Tender, a boat designed for fast underwater sailing. The boat is suitable for 8 people! The aluminum boat is made of modern and durable materials. Thanks to high-quality aluminum, rusting and painting are things of the past. Additionally, all our sloops are self-draining, so you no longer need to bail water. This provides maximum boating pleasure with minimal maintenance. Enjoy a luxurious sloop with many extras and possibilities; a Navalia sloop offers years of boating pleasure.


We build sustainable and valuable sloops with an excellent price-quality ratio. You will receive a high-quality finish from us. The Navalia Tender has a competitive purchase price and low fuel consumption. Additionally, you can fully customize the aluminum boat according to your preferences and needs. At Navalia Boats, you can fulfill your dream.


The backrest of the tender is removable and adjustable in 2 positions, allowing for the creation of a large lounger.


Navalia Tender: The hull of this aluminum boat has a planing underwater hull with an integrated spray rail and a continuous stem keel. The sloop is suitable for a 27 to 110 hp inboard diesel engine. However, we also offer the option for electric or hybrid boating. At Navalia, you can customize your sloop according to your wishes with various options. Please inquire about the option list through contact.

Would you like to enjoy hassle-free boating with all the comforts? Choose Navalia Boats.

Our aluminum sloops and tenders can be completely custom-made. Do you have specific requests? Contact us, and we can make your dream tender a reality.

Standard equipment
  • Navalia Tender sloop 750
  • Steering system / steering wheel
  • Start accu 70 Ah 12 voltage
  • 12 volt connection
  • Power battery: 105 Ah 12 volt
  • Usb connection
  • Insulation in the engine compartment.
  • Navigation lights and masthead light
  • Rubber fender strip 100 mm
  • Treadplate floor, self-draining cockpit floor, flag with pole, stainless steel locks, 4 cleats.
  • Two fenders, four mooring lines, CE certification, swim ladder, towing eye, hinges.
  • Vertical clearance:100
  • Vertical clearance:8
Now starting from €58.650 - including VAT.
Financiering vanaf 630.26 per maand
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