Navalia Cabine sloop 800

Do you want to experience maximum boating pleasure with minimal maintenance? Navalia Boats from Genemuiden has many aluminum boats, sloops, and tenders for sale, providing you with years of boating enjoyment. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum construction, issues like rusting and painting are a thing of the past. The Navalia Cabin Sloep 800 is self-draining, eliminating the need for manual bailing.

The Navalia Cabin Sloep 800 is an aluminum sloep manufactured by Navalia Boats from Genemuiden. It is built entirely in our workshop in Genemuiden. The sloep is powered by a powerful inboard diesel engine/electric motor. It offers seating for 14 people and can accommodate 4 people for overnight stays in two lockable compartments. It is possible to customize your sloep according to your preferences.

Advantages of an Aluminum Sloep

An aluminum sloep has many advantages: it is low-maintenance, relatively affordable, self-draining, and double-walled. Additionally, the design of the sloep’s underwater hull allows for better water cutting and increased speed. This also reduces fuel consumption as there is less resistance.


Durability is highly valued by us, which is why we choose aluminum as the material. These aluminum boats are nearly indestructible and lightweight. The weight of a boat significantly affects fuel consumption, and lighter boats are more fuel-efficient. The Navalia Sloep 860 made of aluminum is also very low in maintenance and retains its value. The greatest advantage of this material is that the boats are almost entirely recyclable, contributing to a greener planet.

Electric Boating

Electric boating is also possible. Request a quote now.

Standard equipment
  • Navalia 800 sloep
  • 20 hp Yanmar 3YM20 / KM2P 2.21:1, approximately 12 km per hour
  • Installation kit
  • Steering system / steering wheel
  • 12 volt connection
  • USB connection
  • Navigation lights and masthead light
  • Rubber fender strip 125 mm
  • zelflozende kuip vloer, vlag met stok, rvs sloten,6.bolders
  • twee fenders vier landvasten, Ce keur, zwemtrap sleep oog, scharnieren.
Now starting from € 51,850 including VAT
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