Navalia Sloop 650

Would you like to buy an aluminum boat? Experience unique moments with the Navalia Sloep 650. This classically designed aluminum rescue boat is suitable for six or more people. We create luxury sloops, and with us, you get many extras and a very high level of finishing as standard. The floor is made of teak wood, the engine compartment is well insulated to reduce noise, the cockpit is self-draining, and it comes with a swim ladder, a 12-volt socket, and a USB connection. Everything so that you can relax and enjoy the water. The open aluminum sloop is made of modern and durable materials. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum, this sloop requires very little maintenance, making rust and painting a thing of the past. The low purchase price and minimal fuel consumption make the Navalia Sloep 650 a very affordable rescue boat.

Layout of the aluminum rescue boat:

Spacious round seating for at least 6 people. Fore cabin with space for a cooler box and/or cushion set. Along the benches, there is an option to install a cool drawer.

Features of the Navalia Sloep 650:

The Navalia Sloep 650 comes standard with a 15 hp Yanmar inboard engine but is suitable for integrated inboard diesel engines up to 55 hp. With the 55 hp engine, you have a fast sloop because it provides a good weight-to-power ratio. Additionally, the hull of the Navalia Sloep 650 has a planing underwater ship with an integrated spray rail. This aluminum boat also has a continuous stem keel, which reduces resistance and provides a better boating experience while consuming less fuel.

You can further customize this rescue boat according to your preferences. Our sloops are fully customizable. Download the option list below to explore the possibilities or create your dream sloop. With a Navalia sloop, you make a sustainable, low-maintenance, and valuable choice.

If you also want maximum boating pleasure with minimal maintenance, Navalia boats from Genemuiden have many aluminum boats, sloops, and tenders for sale. With an aluminum sloop from Navalia, you can enjoy years of boating pleasure. Are you looking for a larger model or a sloop with a bigger engine? Check out the Navalia Sloep 760 here.

If you prefer a sportier variant, check out the Navalia Tender 650 here.

Electric sloop:

We can also provide the Navalia Sloep 650 as an electric sloop. We offer different options for electric motors and battery packs. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, you can customize your sloop.

Standard equipment
  • Sloop 650
  • 15 hp Yanmar 2YM15 / KM2P 2.21:1 ca 12 km
  • Installation kit
  • Aluminum fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Steering system / steering wheel
  • Start accu 70 Ah 12volt
  • Starting battery 70 Ah 12 volt.
  • USB connection
  • Insulation in the engine compartment
  • Navigation lights and masthead light
  • Rubber fender strip (100 mm)
  • Checker plate floor, self-draining cockpit floor, flag with pole, stainless steel locks, 4 cleats
  • Two fenders, four mooring lines, CE certification, swim ladder, towing eye, hinges
  • Vertical clearance:
  • Vertical clearance:
Now starting from €29,950.00 including VAT.
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