Navalia Sloop 750 cabin

Experience unique moments on the aluminum Navalia Sloep 750, a classically designed sloep for 10 people. The open boat is made of modern and sustainable materials. The low purchase price and low fuel consumption make the Navalia Sloep 750 a very affordable, sustainable, and valuable sloep.

Layout of the Navalia outboard sloop 750

Standard with lockable cabin, no need for a canopy. Front compartment with space for a cool box, toilet, and/or cushion set.

Sleeping option in the cabin.

Suitable for the canals in Amsterdam! No disturbance from vagrants, you can safely store your belongings. Spacious circular seating area. Refrigerator in the console. Option to lower the front deck.

Features of the Navalia outboard sloop 750

The hull of the Navalia Sloep 750 has a planing underwater profile with an integrated spray rail. The sloep is suitable for a 20 to 150 hp integrated outboard motor. With a 20 hp engine, you can reach a speed of approximately 15 kilometers per hour and no boating license is required. With 60 hp, the top speed is around 25+ kilometers per hour, and the maximum motor power that can be installed is 150 hp. The ship is available with various options, please ask for the option list.

Standard equipment
  • Sloop 750
  • Self-draining cockpit.
  • Towing eye
  • Steering console
  • CE Certification
  • Stainless steel locks.
  • Swim ladder.
  • Locks.
  • Steering system + Steering wheel.
  • Anode.
  • Fenders + Mooring lines
  • Masthead light + Navigation lights
  • 4 x Cleats
  • Rub rail.
  • Vertical clearance:113cm
  • Vertical clearance:10
Now from €29.950 including VAT.
Financiering vanaf 321.84 per maand
Bel +31 6 481 251 80 Voor meer informatie

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